dimarts, 30 de gener de 2018


Paul Cézanne was born in France in 1839.

He went to school in his citiy Aix-Provence.

After school he went to university to sudy law as his father wanted but... he didn't like it so he went to Paris to study ART!

dimecres, 17 de gener de 2018

Months, days, numbers 1-20 and personal pronouns!

Dear students of 4th grade,

Remember we are having a weekly activity to review: - The months of the year
- The days of the week
- The numbers 1-20 
- The personal pronouns! 

Please, study them 3 minutes every day!!

See you at school!💕


Dear students of 3rd grade,

Here you are the school objects pictures you need to do your homework.

Please, write the correct noun of each object!

See you!!! 🙋